Lestwins x BBP Necklace LIMITED EDITION

French dancers, choreographers and models Laurent and Larry Bourgeois, professionally known as Les Twins, are noted for their particular way of dress dominated by neck warmers, carrying kneepads around the ankles and wearing their bottoms backwards. While evolving their personal style both brothers tend to multitudinously accessorize with beaded bracelets, wristbands, watch chains, scarves and bold necklaces. This exclusive Les Twins x BBP necklace is crafted using pure tin. It features a 3 inch high pendant which portrays half of the faces and hairdos of Larry and Laurent Bourgeois and a 24 inch long chain assembled by numerous interconnected petite pellets. All pieces are color-coated in either matte black or gold. Each necklace is hand-made in the United States with exceptional detailing and branded with the BBP logo.Height Head: 3 inches, Length of chain : 24 inches;


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