Over the course of extensive Chinese culture adoptions by Japan beginning in the 5th century, traditional Han Chinese clothing, known today as hanfu, further developed into gofuku, the predecessor of the generally known Japanese kimono, entrenched itself among the Japanese during the 8th century. Kimonos or kimono have above all else been used for festival and formal occasions as a representative of polite clothing, composed out of a t-shaped, straight robe wrapped around the body, secured by a so-called obi, a wide sash tied in the back, in combination with traditional Japanese footwear like soi-disant zöri or geta and tabi, the notorious split-toe socks. Inspired by the typic Japanese garment the Lee Kimono boasts a slack straight cut t-shaped body with widely flared half-length sleeves and an extended lapel. While the traditional kimono falls approximately to the ankle, this frame ends underneath the hips making it significantly more wearable and combinable with other wardrobe items. The Lee Kimono is constructed using a sturdy, premium wool mix with a checked pattern in black, white and either red or teal green sections. Throw this peerless design over black pants, a monochrome longsleeve or the pattern equal Carter shirt for additional dynamic and you will not go unnoticed in present world of fashion. 80% Wool, 20% Acrylic. Made in France


The model is wearing size Large and is 1.91 m tall.


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Product measurements

Model measurements

The model is wearing size Large and is 1.91 m tall

Taille 1.91 cm

Poitrine 96 cm

Tour de taille 72 cm

Hanche 93 cm

The model is wearing size Large and is 1.91 m tal