Jay-Z Tom Ford Molly Snapback

Thomas Carlyle „Tom" Ford is a widely known American film director and fashion designer who gained international prominence working for Gucci and eventually creating his own label Tom Ford. Furthermore the term Tom Ford has been used to refer to successful drug dealers who sniff cocaine off of tables accumbent on their dominance in the business. This reference has regained notoriety in the music industry and society through the hip-hop song „Tom Ford“ by US rapper, record producer and entrepreneur Jay-Z. By saying „I don’t pop molly, I rock Tom Ford“ Jay-Z is stating his supremacy over other artists asserting that they are doing weaker drugs such as MDMA while Jay-Z would sniff cocaine off tables. This snapback compounds an all-over black cap body with a green colored peak undersurface and white 3D embroidery that depicts "Tom Ford" in the front, our logo in the back and a crossed out "Molly" stroke. 80% Acrylic / 20% Wool  ,Hats / Caps  ,3D embroidery.


Also available in a python leather version.

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