About us

Created in 2010 by Mister Soul, BBP  is a fashion and lifestyle brand based out of Paris. A French clothing brand which attracted success, recognition and fame in Paris and overseas through artists such as JAY-Z, BEYONCE, SWIZZ BEATS, LESTWINS and more.

Originally commenced as a streetwear clothing shop that mainly focused on a hype t-shirt line, fashionable sweat-shirts and hoodies, bomber jackets, shorts, snapbacks and beanies, BBP has by now emerged to an eclectic fashion label that presents high-class contemporary designs of classic street style items beyond their casual and urban essence. Along these lines you will also find upscale creations of coats, kimonos, exclusive biker jackets, custom shoes, snakeskin strapbacks and hats that resort to a variety of different styles (oversized, elongated, layering etc.) in our collections.

The term Blackboyplace refers to the dark side of men rather than the color of their skin.